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everything you know about me.. what you might like to know about me and everything else under the sun

a break of some sort

today was quite a day, new opportunities came my way and with these new opportunities it may shine a light in our future as IT Executives and even successful Entrepreneurs (maybe its a bit exagerated =D) ... although its still a bit bothering that people want to see new graduates as already formed and an all-knowing work-force ... on the contrary new graduates only carry flexible and basic artilleries, inexperienced and needs further preparation in order to fit in a niche in this trade... but some are different ... flexibility is one key to the success of this break and a vast and diverse pool of skills and knowledge would go well with building up its core ... lots of ideas came to ... lots of expansions are brainstormed ... lots of prospects that are suitable not only for us as IT people but also for our society ... even to help our staggering economy ... still its a concept that needs a lot of hardwork and perseverance ... do you have what it takes to survive!? will you take the challenge and cooperate with other people whether you like them or not in order for you to step up and take a chance in this industry!?

on a lighter note, its nice to know Lasallians open new doors to fellow Lasallians ... I do feel proud that I graduated from this school and the young industry that I am in opens up and will open up new doors for me ... it really is important to keep a close relation to your peers especially your colleagues for they are part of your network and you need that network in order to keep up in this industry and grab every good opportunity that may come your way ...

everything is given to us by God in His time ... some people may get their success in life early and some soon after ... even in different forms, shapes and sizes ...
Monday, February 28, 2005 at 11:31 PM

YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! (sing it baby!!)

got my very own yahoo site running as my blog... like it?

edit: yipeee i got to upload a photo and post it here and i even got to apply CSS with the help of SUPERWEBMASTER DREW and thanks to anony-mouse for the my home ...

i meant to post this before but had a problem with Hello ... it didn't accept this photo when i was trying to upload it (i forgot to change the color mode heehee - it was in CMYK - hence it wasn't accepted by Hello and cant even be viewed in ie)... by the way thats my grammy my mom and my aunt =D
at 3:40 PM

come fly with me, lets fly lets fly away...

..."Come fly with me, we’ll float down in the blue
Once I get you up there, where the air is rarefied
We’ll just glide, starry eyed
Once I get you up there, I’ll be holding you so near
You may here, angels cheer - because were together"...

>>listening to John Stevens
Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 1:01 PM

ok ok am trying

well got a lot of opportunities for the next month and I do hope that I get to grab those opportunities and many more would come :-p

just did the links for my site today for all of my friends and other 'linkies' :-p and changed my template, didn't know that the previous template that I had was the same as jo's

and also, in the spirit of american idol... it really is a bummer that Sarah Mather and Judd Harris got booted out of the competition just this thursday on the starworld show.. I really like those two.. but theres still Anthony Federov, Mario Vazquez, Carrie Underwood and Janay Castine =D
Friday, February 25, 2005 at 10:56 PM


tried some things from the blogger hacks though and wasn't really satisfied with some of it.. I mean I like the idea of post summarizing then having a link for the rest of your long post but it would appear on all of your posts even though its just a short one.. then there is the show/hide hack.. its also nice but you have to show/hide your whole post.. but I know there is a way around this so lemme know you guys especially the people who are already veterans in blogging =D
at 1:15 AM

a first

oh no!!.. you guys are linking to my blog na.. sorry its not yet that good like what my friends have and well this is technically the first update that I have had since I last posted the pictures - since I originally intended this blog to be an online album to share my pictures.... but.. because of peer pressure!! ayan I have to blog or at least write something.. well I guess its a good thing since writing down your thoughts would help ease up your mind..
Thursday, February 24, 2005 at 11:52 PM