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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!! ... today is my parent's wedding anniversary they got married for around my age :-D ... we got to celebrate their anniversary in eastwood city, libis and ate at an itallian resto ... although i think i would prefer if we went to itallianis ... ironically the resto we ate in is quite new and barely a month old ... anyways the food was great the place was great ... ironically this is ther first time that i went there - that is going there eating and walking around ... but we had fun going there, a lot of different people - rich people - making me feel a bit out of place ;-p ...
now: as seen in the next picture is Mr. Robotik!! haha.. well i dont think its his name or how they are called - since there are two of them - but i just wanna give them the name ... its a street act just where they would pose as a statue then when you put money in the containers in front of them they would move a bit ... it was hilarious when there were these girls who got frightened and kept shouting when the guy moved unexpectedly ... i also though of the place as someplace big but it was kind of disappointing when i realized that it was really just a small place that you can go around at for just an evening ... but we enjoyed the place really... punta naman tayo nood tayo movies dun sawa na yata kayo sa glorrieta :-D
Sunday, March 06, 2005 at 11:54 PM


How could we forget... Happy Happy Birthday

... spilled a lot of beans on your birthday haven't I...
...well i guess our friends would hate me for life on that...
Thursday, March 03, 2005 at 2:56 PM

happy birthday yahoo!!

(imagine ryan seacrest as kris aquino =D)pilipinas...its your top 10 and 4 of them will be voted out of the competition once more tonight!!! again if your favorite is eliminated from the competition, its because america didn't do its job to keep him or her in the competition =D
... im still hoping of a twist that will bring judd harris back in the competition since its obvious that there ain't gonna be any wildcard show to put anyone back ... tuesday and the boys went at it - i do think they did a pretty good job that last week ... they went out just as they are and go it on (as nikko smith sang: lets get it on!! and while getting it on and beating around the bush ... anwar came in unexpectedly and sang: what's going on?!?!?!) ... anyways they were all good except for some that still didn't quite got the height of their game ... joe murena stepped it up a little bit but its still not enough for the judges to be impressed [sean connery: im waiting to be impresshhhed!] joseph is already a known singer in his home state and quite frankly I think he's good .. he just have to bring it out more and take the risk to impress ... and for the rest of them ... well we all know who's gonna be booted out and who's gonna stay (i hope=D) ... wednesday, the girls went on to attack mode ... (simon: honestly i don't know what to say *kibit balikat lamang po*) ... i guess i'd have to agree with simon for once ... the girls tried to take a little risk but they just didn't quite do it right and messed out a little of their sparkle on stage ... janay castine did a song thats just isn't her.. i mean she's young and all and she should've picked a song that is just right for her ... still im all go for Carrie Underwood!! haha!! ... i just don't know why the three blind mice didn't like her song and her performance ... for me it was great and she did well ... GO Carrie GO!!

Tuesday and Wednesday night
at 1:30 PM

a reminiscence of the days

we attanded the Lasallian Network (LAN) gathering tonight & sort of expected too much of it ... me and grace decided to go to the gathering a little to the last minute - that is just this afternoon ... but we went anyway since its an opportunity for us to "get hired" - hence part of the slogan ... i really thought that there would be people who would refer us an opening or would even help us get some form of job assistance ... but it turned out, well not that bad i guess, although I must say that the Php200 registration fee ain't worth it .... specially on the food - they chose a high class (or by the looks of it) type of foods but with a serving that is not even fit for a dinner plate ... its a dinner gathering and they should have at least considered good food ... >-(

anyways there were a lot of light moments in the gathering specially when we got to see some familiar faces there ... it was fun and ecstatic talking to them since it was a while since i last saw them :-p so it wasn't really quite a waste of time =D somehow it was fun being there and even listening the experiences of our fellow CCS alumni ... the people were from Catch85 up to Catch2T4(us :-p) ... but at least i got an application for IBM
at 12:26 AM