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a summer trip to memory lane - bicol, ragay, camarines sur

this summer we went to our ancestral home in Bicol - Ragay, Camarines Sur..it really was quite a breathtaking sight to look back and take a walk down memory lane ... everything is still as they were when we got there though really old and broken, specially the train station where we used to go down whenever we too the provincial train of the Philippine National Railways back in the days...

we did a lot of things there in Bicol although it wasn't really kind of a vacation trip but rather like a business trip ... our main agenda was to try and assess my lola's farm there in Bicol since she's already old and couldn't go back as easily as before - there weren't any trains running to ride in since the accident in Quezon last year ... and about the trains, I really miss riding those big-steel-linear vehicles, even though it would take you about 8-10 hours overnight to get to Bicol its still fun to ride those things specially when you get to be in Quezon when you wake up in the morning and see all the mountains, coconut trees and farms - since the trains go pass through them ... well the roads that we took followed the path of the train tracks so its kind like going on a train ride although we just go through the different bayans in the journey... really the train is our main vehicle of transportaion since (as you can see in the pictures - just click the title to get to the pictures or click the picture above :-D) the Ragay main station is located just across our ancestral home... you can even say its a real life "home along the riles" kind of situation... now since our old ancestral house ain't livable as of the moment since its been "abandoned" =D for at least 12 years now, we stayed in Naga City - the capital of Bicol... we stayed there for the duration of our stay while going back to Ragay in the morning and trying to carry out our "mission" =D ... having to stay in Naga was exhilirating since its my first time to go there, when I was a kid I really liked to go to Naga since it was just a 2 hour train ride from our house... Naga really is a city as people are describing it, it only lacks an SM Department Store and its alredy complete =D...

well i guess thats it for now... theres nothing more I can say but one thing...

"grabe parapagalun baga ang pasiring duman sa harung me sa Bicol, harabaun ang biyahe!!" =D

just check out the pictures guys... =D
Sunday, April 17, 2005 at 4:56 PM

spending time with the almighty

this holy week we went to pangasinan - as we always do during the lenten season ... not only got to spend time with my grandmom and relative but a time to spend with someone who we owe everything to ... still we did a lot of things there - we even got to have a little mini-penitence as we walked our way from my lola's home up to the Church of Manaoag ... its a little tiring but exciting since its just my second time to do it and it really took us 1 1/2 hours to get to the Church ... i also got to live out a willie wonka chocolate facory experience =D lola got this chocolate tree - actually a Cacao Tree with a lot of ripe pods thats ready to pick out ... we extracted the seeds from the pods and sun-dried them - until here in manila ... i still havent had the chance to toast them and grind it into powder form ... but when you do that its the real and authentic chocolate that we all love ....

click see the pictures
Sunday, April 10, 2005 at 11:45 AM