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everything you know about me.. what you might like to know about me and everything else under the sun

may gulay!! i have really big feet!!! a size 11 ... well i guess since its leather shoes it shouldve been a bit bigger to have a comfortable fit..
at 3:48 PM

Cisco Books from CiscoPress USA - more!

Alrightee!!!! The package that I have been waiting for has finally arrived!!.. The books from Cisco has finally arrived!! I even got a free Test Coupon with a 10% discount for Pearson VUE!! wow... even better I got free Networkers Journal notebook haha... its just so cool to have Cisco things to your disposal =D

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 at 12:19 PM

Utterly Bizzare!!!! Mary Roaches Water Bottle available on EBAY!!!! anyone want to test the lid for her DNA.. its only for $100 (cha-ching!!).. But better be careful handling it for you may want to and audition on American Idol... =D
Monday, June 06, 2005 at 7:12 PM

Quickly is back.. this luscious cold drink is all you need to cool you off - without the fat and extra calories!!
at 11:13 AM

Cisco Books from CiscoPress USA

Got the books I ordered from CISCO Press!! whooopeeeee... ganito pala magpackage and UPS haha ang galing may bubble wrap pa na malaki sa loob ng box :-D

at 11:06 AM

long but not so long ago

Some long overdue posts ... well eto yung NetLab sa LaSalle where we trained for CCNA, ayan yung mga routers and switches at ang mala-spaghetti na mga Cat5 wires ayan grabe nakakalito talaga pag madami na hehe... theres the rest of the lab with all the OLD computers and a divider in the middle sabi nila kunwari daw 2 buildings - as if buwahahahaha... tapos yung bagong laptop ng caleb ayan!! its an asus desktop replacement...

at 10:50 AM