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i've just realized...

i've just realized something lately....

last night i was able to go out with my other set of friends, eat dinner and watch a movie afterwards. i had fun last night. and i mean i really had fun last night. it was a chance for me to see everyone again after several months. although the get-together is supposed to be for one of us thats going abroad for several months -work related though. for some of us there is (and i quote) "professional envy" but of course we are all happy for him. but more than that we are all happy to see each other again.

for me though its a bit of a different story. as the title of this blog suggests, i have just realized that i had and still do have feelings for this person. i know i've blogged about this before - when it started out from an email survey back in college and my friends tried to dig deeper into that email reply of mine to know who the heck am i pertaining to as a "crush". i guess this crush became more than just a crush until it inevitably took control of me somehow. ok that might be a bit overboard - that might not even emmanate from me visually. but it really did feel that way. right now im lost, i want to have a talk with one of my friends but i m afraid that they might think otherwise of me or even judge me. sigh... will do try to talk about this with someone close to me.
Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 10:35 PM